The Singer Bantam Register

The Register exists to record all surviving vehicles made by the Singer Motor Company during the period 1935 to 1939 under the heading of the Singer Bantam. This includes 2 door and 4 door saloons, tourers, vans and coupes. Many cars were exported to the rest of the world where some have been rebodied as Roadsters, Utilities or other specials.

Many of the photographs featured in the Singer Bantam galleries were received by the registrar several years ago. If you have photographs that you are prepared to share, showing the current condition of your car, please do email them to me.

If you know of a Singer Bantam variant that is not featured here, please send the details, preferably with photographs, to the Registrar using email: davidgarn@singerbantam.com

I would like to thank all of the owners of these amazing cars for their support and permission to use their photographs on my site. Please do not copy any of the pictures for your personal use without first requesting copyright permission.

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